I remember the first time I realised the existence of Setanta Records in the early 1990’s when I was trying to track down Liberation by The Divine Comedy. The lady in Golden Discs needed plenty of info, leading me on a pre-google search for the requisite data. The disc arrived a few weeks later. It was the only time I experienced one of these oft written about –  but seldom experienced – sensations  …the mythical connection with a record label. It could have been anticipation of waiting for the release to arrive, the thrill of the chase and all that kind of thing but I think it was about much more.

I found I liked an awful lot of what the record label released and that I would take many a punt on the back of seeing the now familiar logo on the back of a cd…only one didn’t pay off.

Now the label founder Keith Cullen has decided to bow out of the record releasing game. He writes beautifully about the decision on the label’s main page. Anyone who’s experienced the feeling of going to a gig and seeing what used to be a loose fitting t-shirt stretched across a thirty / forty something torso should get it.

Anyway, this week’s C60 features an hour of some of the great music that Setanta brought to us…That means A House, The Divine Comedy, Into Paradise, Brian, Stars, Frank and Walters, The Harvest Ministers, The Separate and more…Nostalgia is our friend… listen back on the RTÉ Radio Player by clicking the picture above.


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C60 on 2xm from 16:00 today… music from cubs, advance base, diana ross & the supremes, barry adamson… lullabies from mark kozalek, ringo and aidan moffat… lots more besides….

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C60 – February 20 – full show

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C60 13 Feb 2012

Music this week from Katie Kim, Teenage Fanclub, M83, Styrofoam, Messiah J and The Expert and more.
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Coming up on C60 this week, the new single from The Frank and Walters as well as music from Kid Loco, Austin Durack, Kavinsky, Kathleen Edwards, Flaming Lips and lots more… Tune in from noon on RTÉ 2xm… www.rte.ie/2xm or listen back on the RTÉ Radio Player.

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